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On Going Projects


The WeInnovate Initiative is grounded in the philosophy that people are the essence of innovation and progress. As a Social and Technological Research Foundation, WeInnovate operates with an open and collaborative approach, rallying a community of individuals eager to contribute to societal betterment. The initiative’s mission is to strategically foster and support ideas that can make a measurable social impact.

Central to WeInnovate is the belief that participation and innovation work hand in hand to enhance the quality of life. By recognizing the transformative power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), WeInnovate seeks to address social challenges and empower individuals across socio-cultural and economic spheres. The initiative taps into the potential of ICT to develop sustainable solutions tailored to specific, on-the-ground needs, utilizing tools like community radio, audio-visuals, and the latest digital technologies.

We Innovate’s Saral Kanoon project embodies the spirit of this mission by focusing on the dissemination of legal information. This initiative is marked by its systematic approach to making legal knowledge accessible and understandable to all, particularly aiming to engage those in the lower strata of society. By using ICT in innovative ways, Saral Kanoon not only bridges the knowledge divide but also strengthens participatory democracy, ensuring that legal awareness becomes a cornerstone of a healthy civic life. All these efforts are guided by the principles of Participatory Action Research, ensuring that every step taken is inclusive, collaborative, and community-driven.