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Welcome to Saral Kanoon, where the law becomes a language everyone speaks. In the intricate dance of democracy, legal frameworks are the rhythm by which society moves. Yet, too often, the nuances of legal jargon become a barrier rather than a bridge for the very individuals they’re designed to protect. At Saral Kanoon, we’re dedicated to transforming how the common man interacts with the law—breaking down barriers, simplifying the complex, and ensuring that every citizen has the tools they need to advocate for their rights with confidence.

The cornerstone of our mission is the belief that legal understanding should not be a privilege reserved for a select few but a fundamental right accessible to all. Through innovative solutions that merge technology with legal expertise, we offer a beacon of hope and empowerment. From the bustling streets of our cities to the quiet corners of rural towns, Saral Kanoon’s initiatives resonate with a singular purpose: to ensure that every question finds an answer, every right finds a champion, and every citizen finds their path to justice made clear.

Join us on a journey towards a future where legal literacy isn’t an obstacle course, but a clear, open road. With Saral Kanoon, unlock the power of the law, one simplified term at a time. Because when the law is made clear, justice is served—not just for some, but for everyone.

Recent Updates

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April 5, 2019

Award of Compensation shall be reasonable and just Case name: K.Suresh v. New India Assurance Company Limited and Another, [(2012) 12 SCC 274] In this case, the Supreme Court observed: That while assessing the quantum of compensation some guess work, some hypothetical considerations and some sympathy come into play but, a significant one, the ultimate […]

March 31, 2019

Case name: Rajasthan State road Transport Corporation and ors. v. Revat Singh In this case, the Supreme Court while relying on its decisions in the case of I.G.(Karmik) and others vs. Prahalad Mani Tripathi and Steel Authority of India Limited v. Madhusudan Das, held that compassionate appointment cannot be granted to a post for which the candidate is ineligible. […]

WeInnovate Initiative

We Innovate Social & Technological Research Foundation is an open group of people having willingness to give back to society. Our mission is to strategically support ideas that make a measurable impact.