Compassionate Appointment cannot be claimed as a matter of right

Case name: Rajasthan State road Transport Corporation and ors. v. Revat Singh

In this case, the Supreme Court while relying on its decisions in the case of I.G.(Karmik) and others vs. Prahalad Mani Tripathi and Steel Authority of India Limited v. Madhusudan Das, held that compassionate appointment cannot be granted to a post for which the candidate is ineligible. It was further held in said case that even though higher post was applied for on Page 5 Page 5 of 8 compassionate ground, when a lower post offered considering qualification and eligibility as per rules was accepted by the candidate, he cannot claim higher post.

The Court also noted that the appointment on compassionate ground cannot be claimed as a matter of right. It must be provided for in the rules. The criteria laid down i.e. the death of the sole bread earner of the family, must be established. It is meant to provide for a minimum relief. When such contentions are raised, the constitutional philosophy of equality behind making such a scheme be taken into consideration. Articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution of India mandate that all eligible candidates should be considered for appointment in the posts which have fallen vacant. Appointment on compassionate ground offered to a dependent of a deceased employee is an exception to the said rule. It is a concession, not a right. (SBI v. Anju Jain, (2008) 8 SCC 475)

The entire case can be accessed here

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